20 best healthy meals for women

20 best healthy meals for women

How many of you have health problems due to your food? Majority people say yes for this question, even I too say yes. Because of your busy scheduled lifestyles, you have no time to take care of our properly to get rid of health issues.

One day, I have decided to prepare ‘healthy meals for women’ for my meals. So that, I was list down all varieties of meals and filter out healthy meals from those. From the range of healthy meals, I am choosing any one meal that I like very much for every day.

Here, I like to suggest you the list 20 healthy meals from my meals plan.

Healthy meals for women:

Healthy meals for womenOne of the scientific studies says that women easily get affected by health issues than men. Since, in order to overcome those problems, I have also segregated my ‘healthy meals for women’ plan based on the ingredients. But, all those ingredients are cheap to buy, rich in proteins, nutrients, minerals but, not rich in fat and other natural compounds which help our body to stay fit.


Now, I start with fruits. We all know how much health benefits are there in fruits. Then why we don’t add it in our meals? Don’t think; just include more fruits in your lunch. Not only for meals, you can also make use of this fruits in your snacks and whenever you feel hungry.

  • Add fresh fruits like apple and banana as a side dish for your meals or Prepare fruits salad and taste it.
  • Focus on water packed fruits like orange, grapes and pineapple. Simple use it for an additional dish or take those to prepare salad and eat.
  • Mix blueberries or strawberries in smoothies or oatmeal and try it.


Some veggies also packed with minerals, iced up and freshness. Below is a list of the Some veggies also packedvegetables that provides healthy life.

  • Carrots and Cabbage
  • Potatoes and Peas
  • Corns and Cauliflowers
  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes

Usually, you use those above vegetables to prepare salads, add to soup, side dish for meals and to make a sandwich. However, it is better to have half-cooked or raw vegetables.

Foods rich in proteins:

Our body requires more proteins and nutrients to get rid of health problems and to stay fit without fat since you have to include in your everyday meals. You no need to seek for foods rich in proteins, I give you those items shortly right here.

  • Chicken contains compounds which provide proteins for your body. Have it by making as grilled chicken, chicken breasts, pieces of chicken or soup.
  • Fresh or frozen fish includes more minerals, proteins and nutrients
  • Ground beef is as like as chicken, but you have to boil it and rinse out water to remove fat.
  • When you think about proteins, eggs will come in your mind right. Yes, it’s correct; eggs are rich in proteins and more vitamins. All doctors also prescribe to eat an egg per day to extend your healthy life.

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