50 Diet Plans for Women

50 Diet Plans for Women

Women are the source of family pillars. As by the way, they have to keep themselves fit, energetic, and with full stamina by having strong diet plans. Such diet plan is that of not only building body instead of all rounding energy supplier.

Appending below are the diet plans for women

Appending below are the diet plans for women as a full pack punch:

  1. Foods rich in iron help in the production of haemoglobin & healthy red blood cells. Lack of iron causes Anaemia. Eat more Pulses, grapes, spinach, chicken, strawberry, sweet potato, and dried fruits.
  2. A bowl of fruit is a perfectly acceptable breakfast for the summer.
  3. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to your bath water to heal sunburn
  4. The acai berry boosts your metabolism, which gives you more energy.
  5. A bowl of blueberries will help you combat fatigue.
  6. A diet rich in olive oil slows down the aging of the heart.
  7. The next time you have a headache, turn to this soothing saffron tea instead of pain-killers
  8. full stamina by having strong diet plansThis delicious blackberry lemonade is just what you need on a hot summer day.
  9. Combat fatigue by incorporating sweet potatoes to your diet
  10. Have a glass of prune juice to get your daily dose of iron
  11. Oats boost immunity & speed wound healing.
  12. Heal painful patches of sunburn with potatoes
  13. Blend a handful of strawberries with 6 cubes of ice and a few mint leaves to prepare a Strawberry Detox for the skin.
  14. Blueberries rich in antioxidants, protects the body from free radical damage, thereby impacting the growth cells of hair and nails.
  15. Use Lavender oil this summer to fight and heal sunburns.
  16. Start your day with a bowl of oats.
  17. Drink a glass of lemonade for a refreshing energy boost
  18. Tomatoes rich in Lycopene help to protect against Sun’s harmful UV rays.
  19. Fennel seeds have been used for centuries to stimulate digestion and relieve bloating during menstruation.
  20. Jaggery, a rich source of iron & low on sodium is suitable for regulating blood pressure, regulating menstrual cycle & increasing haemoglobin.
  21. Deficiency of folic acid, a B complex vitamin also results in low haemoglobin count in the body. Foods like corn are a rich source of folic acid.
  22. Zinc is vital to the healthy immune functioning. Chick peas, spinach, walnuts, kidney beans, cinnamon, corn. It helps in the production of white blood cells, which protects us against colds & infections.
  23. Increasing the intake of foods rich in Vitamin E helps to reduce menstrual cramps prior to & during the onset of periods.
  24. Selenium helps prevent cellular damage from free radicals & strengthens your immune system. Chicken, onions, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, peanuts & brown rice.
  25. Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C produce collagen which helps in delaying the occurrence of wrinkles.
  26. For sore throat: eat 3 or 4 marshmallows to sooth a sore throat. There’s a scientific reason as to why it works. Apparently, the gelatine is very helpful when it comes to relieving irritation and soothing pain in your throat.
  27. The skin of the cucumber contains a lot of silica which helps in maintain healthy hair & clear complexion.
  28. Standing or sitting throughout the day causes accumulation of blood in the lower parts of body. Inverted postures help in stimulating the flow of blood towards the upper body.
  29. Disrupted or disturbed sleep leads to release of hormones causing inflammatory effects on the body. Regularizing your sleep cycle helps in the healthy wellbeing of skin.
  30. The fish pose opens up the upper body, heart & lungs. It stimulates the thymus, which plays an important role in body’s defence mechanism
  31. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system reducing T cells which helps in building immunity. Regular sleep for seven hours strengthens the immune system.
  32. Women facing irregular menstruation cycle leads to a hormone imbalance mimicking menopause, resulting in weak bones. Foods like papaya, ginger, dates & pineapple help in stimulating the menstrual cycle.
  33. A handful of almonds along with foods rich in Vitamin C, helps in increase the amount of iron your body absorbs.
  34. Running moves muscles & triggers your bones to generate minerals making them stronger.
  35. Increasing the intake of omega 3 fatty acid found in fish boosts the bone health
  36. Garlic is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent and immune booster.
  37. Production of haemoglobin in red blood cells which is a carrier of oxygen, is enabled by a diet rich in iron
  38. Vitamin C produce collagen which helps in delaying the occurrence of wrinklesDuring menopause, women undergo a lot of hormone changes, making them prone to allergies. Peppermint tea is a great anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial agent.
  39. The bow pose helps to stimulate the organs of the abdomen. This pose helps ease cramps & regulate the flow of blood to & fro from the uterus thereby relieving the pain.
  40. Vitamin D helps to activate the Immune system.
  41. This yoga poses boosts immunity by increasing circulation to the face & upper body.
  42. Bone tissues in women are lesser than men, increasing the risk of weak bones & osteoporosis. Regular consumption of milk & its bi-products helps in meeting the daily calcium requirement.
  43. The delicate skin of the neck, chest & hands lack oil glands resulting in dryness and accelerated ageing. Moisturizing the skin helps in reducing dryness and delaying the ageing process.
  44. Rich in vitamin E & antioxidants, coconut oil is a natural conditioner which repairs damaged hair
  45. Vertical ridges in your nails may be a sign of inadequate magnesium in the body. Avocado, soya bean, leafy greens, nuts, banana, dark chocolate, fish.
  46. Simple ‘Lotus’ pose can help in easing menstrual cramps.
  47. Poor blood circulation is a result of lack of proper exercise, nutrition, stress & depression. Practise the inverted pose to help stimulate blood circulation in the upper body.
  48. Raisins rich in iron help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels in the body.
  49. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin D, which helps in building bones.
  50. Swap mayo with yogurt and reap health benefits

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