7 days healthy meal plans for women

7 days healthy meal plans for women

Are you feeling happy to see your body shape in front of the mirror?  If no, then no problem, you are reached a perfect path to change your current shape to a beautiful one. I’ll gifts you the 7 days healthy meal plans for women through this piece of writing.

Not only have you, 8 out of 10 women had the same problem. I know you have tons of reasons for your abnormal shape, but you don’t know my plan to reveal you the delicious, natural and nutritional meals. Yes, I am going to give you 7 healthy meals to make your lunch time is awaiting one.

healthy meal plans for women

7 days healthy meal plans for women:

“Eat more but gain less fat” is the motto of this article because everyone likes to have more times of tastiest foods. Since, I have decided to travel with you the way by proving spicy and tastiest food, but at the same time these will shed your fat too. Likewise, I have prepared the seven various kinds of meals for Sunday to Saturday.

Meal for Sunday:

Most people, especially from the south side celebrate the every Sunday as non-veg day and it’s a holiday for all. So this special day, you may take a meal with spicy chicken.

Spicy chicken!! Why? More spicy will burn more calories. As its more spiciness, you can relief from your hungry after taken a small of food. You have consumed only fewer calories, so they burn your extra calories stored as fat.

Meal for Monday:

Wow! It’s a Turkey wrap. Many of you like to eat Turkey wrap or pieced Turkey wrap.

Wrap meal, Why? Because, a turkey wrap meal contains a high level of proteins and the Many of you like to eat Turkey wrapingredients made by Turkey meal has amino acids. This assists you to burn some calories of fat and keep you with the fit.

Meal for Tuesday:

Allocate your Tuesday meal as a vegetable salad. It takes only less time to prepare and requires natural ingredients such as vegetables.

Why had vegetable salad? Generally, veggies are rich in water and high level of minerals assist your body to burn more calories, because water fills your stomach even for less amount of food.

Meal for Wednesday:

Wholegrain mountain bread filled with alfalfa is a delicious food and good those who focus on losing weight. It just requires only whole wheat flour, water, salt and alfalfa to make.

Mountain bread whole grain! Why? Because, bread is full of micronutrients and it is not fattening compounds. Wholegrain mountain bread helps to control blood sugar levels, so it automatically your fat also get reduced.

Meal for Thursday:

On Thursday, you taste your favorite chicken breast made by low-fat semi-dried tomatoes. As I already said, spiciness burns calories, so it is better to eat.

Meal for Friday and Saturday:

Some other helpful meal for losing fat is grilled chicken breast, vegetable soup and Wholemeal pita wrap. You choose any one for Friday and one for Saturday, but all these have the abilities to lose your fat.

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