Best exercise for losing weight at home

Best exercise for losing weight at home

Do you have no time to go to Gym? If yes, then why you are still waiting! Start those workouts in your home itself. These days, many best exercise for losing weight at home avails for both male and female.

Now, you think about equipment right!! That’s okay, equipment is not a big problem as many body-weight workouts do not require equipment avails at the Gym. However, every Gym doesn’t have all kinds of tools to burn more calories. Since, looking for the best Gym which contains full facilities is a somewhat daunting task; it is better to accomplish that in your home.

Best exercise for losing weight at home:

exercise for losing weight at homeWhat is the best exercise for losing weight at home? There is not only one, so many helpful workouts. Generally, body-weight workouts include Push-ups, Squat Thrust, Bridges, Jump Squat et al, and it involves your full-body into that workouts. Even more, you can do these exercises at anywhere and anytime.

Why I recommend you the full-body-weight exercise? Because, losing weight can be achieved throughout involving your full-body into the workout routines, and this assist you to burn extra calories stored and also enhance your metabolism rate.

Below are the best exercises that you can practice easily at anywhere without having any fancy equipment of the Gym.


One of the top home exercises is identified as ‘Push-Ups’ which involves your whole body to perform routines. This basic exercise is done by downward sleep with placing hands on the floor and raises your body towards Up and Down. Often practice it properly with the support of your arm, chest, shoulder, and legs for a minute. Through this routine, you can able to One of the top home exercisesmake strengthen arm and muscles, while losing your extra calories.

#Jump Squat:

In order to do Jump Squat workouts, you need to stand straight and bend down your body as much you can. Prior to return back to your straight position, just jump at once. The Jump Squat is a type of cardio exercises which makes your body sweat and burn fat even after the completion of your session if you practice it in a regular manner.

This great intensive exercise not only assists you to shed your fat, also balances your heart beat rate.


Bridges is another simple exercise, which consumes a small amount of place to perform it. Lie down in an upward position, keep your hands on two sides of the floor and bend your legs to direct your knees to the sky. Now, raise your hips on the way to the upper position, stay for few seconds. Then, return back to original position and maintain back straight on the floor.

This routine targets your abdominal region, back, and arms. And, shed extra calories in your abdomen and make the better shape.

Some of other aerobics are

  • Leaps
  • Bent leg rotating
  • Squat thrust
  • Walking lungs
  • Single leg lifts jump and more

Don’t you believe me? Just try the above-prescribed exercises for a month and see the results in your body. Afterward, share your feedback with your friends.

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