Best exercise for losing weight on abdomen and hip

Best exercise for losing weight on abdomen and hip

Is there any best exercise for losing weight on abdomen and hip? Yes, a wide variety of exercises avails for you to obtain flatter tummy. Even you practice the best exercise to lose fat on belly and hips, it is necessary to keep proper diet plan.

Nowadays, every person suffered from fat on belly and hip due to the informal style of their life and food. You know one thing!! An abdomen and hip are the common places where more fat are stored mainly.

Best exercise for losing weight on abdomen

Best exercise for losing weight on abdomen:

While coming to the abdomen, it consumes more calories than your hip. Fortunately, tons of exercises are there for you to lose weight on the belly. Although, you have to pick workouts that have capabilities to enhance your body’s metabolism rate. Because, high level of metabolism rate cut down foods as soon as possible and uses fat for additional energy. However, losing fat on the stomach is a somewhat complex task. Here, I have disclosed a few best exercises for you to achieve a flat tummy.

Cardio exercises:

Cardio exercises are great for weight losing process because of this interval based workouts. Walking, Running, Skipping, Aerobics are some of the common exercises that increase heartbeat rate and motivates your metabolism system to burn more calories.  The secret of these cardio exercises is that involves main muscular groups at single movements. This assists you to make strengthen muscles, meanwhile losing your extra stored calories.


There are two kinds of cycling such as indoor and outdoor. Based on your convenient choose the best one and practice it. Cycling also helps you to improve your metabolic level and burn calories. In order to lose more calories, it is better to do an outdoor workout.


Push-Ups is a simple and likely to see, but a complex one to do and also, it requires more strength to lift up your body and to practice properly at more times. So, I recommend you add an advanced form of Push-Ups in your regular weight loss routines.

Best exercise for losing weight on your hip:

When you suffered by fat on belly, fat on your hip formed automatically, but it has merely less amount of fat than your abdomen. Not only you, most people having the same problem on both belly and hip. Below are common few best exercise for losing weight on your hip Best exercise for losing weight on your hipfor both male and female.

Side Jump:

Stand with either your left or right leg and bend another leg’s knees near to hip. Then slightly bend your basement leg and often repeat this by changing your legs. Side Jump mainly concentrates your glutes, outer hip, and inner thighs.

Hip Raise:

Lie face-up and bend anyone of your leg and keep it on the floor. On another hand, raise your leg which remain with your back and hold it for few seconds. Frequently do this for alternatives legs. Hip raise targets your outer hips and thighs.

One more thing!! It does not need to do all those exercises in the Gym and even they do not require any equipment too.

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