Best exercise for losing weight quickly and safely

Best exercise for losing weight quickly and safely

Is there any other exercise to lose fat quickly and safely? Yes, rather than our normal Gym workouts, there is the cardio exercises which also the best exercise for losing weight. I am going to discuss cardio exercises in detail right here to learn more.

I’m sure everyone heard the word “cardio exercise” but, I’m damn sure everyone has What is cardio exerciseknowledge about cardio exercises. Since, first of all,

What is cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise is any form of exercise that increases your heartbeat rate and metabolism level too. Some of the common cardio exercises are Swimming, Running, Walking, Rowing, and Aerobic. These workouts involve more muscles within a single movement over a certain period of time.

As it uses large muscle actions over a continued interval of time, I suggest you add cardio exercises into your regular weight loss workout plan.

Are you ready to do cardio exercises? If so, wait! There are some safety measures to avoid failures. Cardio exercises increase your heartbeat rate, you have to do it very carefully and don’t overdo. So, overdoing those workouts leads you the bad path where you lose muscles and get aching knees and a slower metabolism. If you new to cardio then make practice it for only 10 to 15 minutes and gradually increase the time of your session.

Best exercise for losing weight:

Best exercise for losing weightWhen coming to the best exercise for losing weight in cardio, it changes from person to person. Although, prior to going with those regularly, just try all at once and choose most suitable one for you. Below I have listed few best cardio exercises for you.


Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout which involves all main muscular groups of your body. Proper swimming will burn up to 20 pounds of fat for 30 minutes of practice. However, be careful while performing a common freestyle stroke.


Running burns a high number of calories by generating high intensity while running for losing weight. Also, this will enhance your metabolic rate and even convert stored calories into energy after completion of workouts.


A perfect cardio exercise for beginner to lose weight and obtain some health benefits is ‘Walking’. However, walking has low intensity compare with all other cardio movements. Due to its lower intensity, this routine will burn only less amount of calories.


As Rowing works all muscular groups of your body, it is the best exercises for losing weight. But, it requires a machine to done. However, it will burn a greater number of calories with its high intensity and low impact. Meanwhile, rowing makes your body fit and healthier.

#Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope is one of the oldest games mostly played by girls and also it’s a kind of cardio exercises. Proper practicing of this workout assists you to lose more calories and it is necessary to take intervals between every 3 minutes of workout.

I hope this article will have made clear the concept of cardio exercises and kind of methods available.

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