Lose Weight After Christmas: Top Five Ways For Success

Lose Weight After Christmas: Top Five Ways For Success

It is so easy to assume that any weight that you have put on over Christmas will just come off easily. However, this does not happen for most people and statistically it is actually much more common for people to keep the weight that they have put on at least until march. This does not have to happen to you, if you follow these tips.

Time For Change1. Break the Habit
It is wise to work as quickly as you can to break the habit of unhealthy eating. You may have got used to having puddings, lots of sugary treats and large portion sizes and it is easy to keep doing this. You need to remember that Christmas indulgence should stop once Christmas is over and you should therefore break this habit of unhealthy eating and work hard to get your eating back to normal again, as soon as possible.

2. Get Rid of the Unhealthy Foods
It can be really helpful if you get rid of all of the unhealthy food that you have left over as soon as you can. If you have unopened things that are tempting you then you could give it away. You may want to donate it to your local food bank or you could give it to friends and relatives who would appreciate it. You could even re-gift food presents that you have received when you visit people after Christmas. If you do not like the idea of encouraging other people to be unhealthy then it could be a good idea to compost it as food waste.

  • Bad Food Pizza
  • Bad Food Hamburger
  • Bad Food Pancake

3. Exercise More
Increasing your exercise can be a way to get healthier and to burn off some of those excess calories. If you get into the habit of doing more regular exercise then this could help you to quickly shift the weight that you have put on. Just a walk each day, even if it is just for fifteen minutes could make a great deal of difference over the course of a month. Hopefully you will want to continue it as well and it could be a good step towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Exercise More – Jogging
  • Exercise More – Cycling
  • Exercise More – Swimming
  • Exercise More – Gymming

4. Reduce portion sizes
If you serve up less food on your plate then you will eat less calories without changing the types of food that you eat. This could help you to lose weight without having to give up the food that you enjoy. Using a smaller plate is one way that this can be achieved but it can be even better to actually cook less food and then there will be no leftovers to tempt you.

5. Have More Variety in Your Diet
Increasing the variety of food in your diet could be a really good way to help you to become healthier. This may seem a little strange but if you have a better variety of food then you are more likely to get all of the nutrients that you need. This can help you to crave less food. It will also make what you are eating more exciting which should help you to enjoy your food more and make you less likely to want to have a snack between meals.

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