Top Five Ways to Easily Increase Your Fitness

Top Five Ways to Easily Increase Your Fitness

Many people feel that they could be fitter and also know that it would be better for their health if they were. However, knowing the best ways to do this is not always easy, especially if you are trying to fit around a busy life. Below are some tips on how you could get fitter.

Walk every day
Walking is the best way to get fit because it costs nothing and most people can do it even if they are not very fit. No special equipment is needed and you can incorporate other things into a walk, such as shopping, sightseeing or chatting with a friend. You can even listen to music or the radio while you do it. If you make a pledge to walk each day then you will easily improve your fitness. You could choose to have a nice slow walk and cover quite a distance over a long time, or do a short distance really quickly. In both instances you could try to cover more distance each day in the same time and you will then be improving your fitness on a daily basis. Some people find it helps to have a dog so that they have a reason to walk each day, you could even offer to take a friend or neighbours dog for a walk.

Move more in the home or at work
When you are at home or work it can be all to easy to sit still at the desk or on the sofa for long periods. If you make an effort to get up more often you will be getting fitter but also helping your circulation and burning more calories. Get drinks more often, go to the toilet or just get up and do jobs every so often. At home you could get up each advertisement break and walk around the room, tidy up or do a few other chores. At work you could even stand up when you are on the phone, walk further than you need to when going to the photocopier or getting a drink and just make the effort to move around more.

Exercise with a friend
It can be much more motivating if you exercise with a friend. This is because you will encourage each other to keep going. You could sign up to an exercise class together, play a sport together or run or walk together. It can be a great way to make exercise fun as well and you can help them get fitter while they help you.

Find new ways to exercise
Exercise can get really boring and that is why so many people have gym memberships that they do not use. It is therefore important that you make sure that you choose a way to exercise that you enjoy. Something that fits around your lifestyle is important or else you will not be able to keep it up. Think about what you enjoy, what is practical for you to do and what you would like to do. You may benefit from learning a new sport or activity which could make exercising more challenging and fun for you.

Vary the exercise that you do
It is so important to keep things interesting when you are exercising. By choosing different types of exercise to do each day or week, you will find that it should be better. If there is a particular thing that you really enjoy and want to do all of the time, that is great, but if you find it hard to get motivated then keeping things varied and fun could really help. Think of new ways that you can get yourself moving that could be good and fun for you, it will help you to continue getting fitter.

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